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prepare for a profound journey within, tapping into the power of your sixth sense and unlocking the depths of your intuition. channel your power and consciousness as we seek our home and inner sanctuary. through teachings, breathwork, and cold plunges, we’ll embark on a transformative exploration. culminating with a bonfire and an array of jamaican cuisine, this extraordinary experience will leave you centered, connected, and nourished, guided by your intuition. embark on this quest to awaken your true potential and discover the magic within.

FOCUS : sixth sense

how often do you surrender to the allure of distraction when left alone with your thoughts? what if we told you that by delving deep into your own being, you could unlock a world of untapped potential?

in this age of unparalleled digital connectivity, loneliness paradoxically looms large. we find ourselves adrift, disconnected from the very essence of who we are, drowning out the whispers of our intuition. but before we can forge genuine connections with others, we must first forge a connection with ourselves.

take a moment to contemplate the vastness that resides within you. your entire being, from the depths of your soul to the far reaches of your nervous system, yearns to be explored. dare to enter the realm of stillness, as you turn your attention inward.

feel the presence of your hands, not merely as external tools, but as extensions of your very being. embody yourself fully, for it is through attention and awareness that you can truly come alive. slowly traverse the landscape of your existence, from the windows of your eyes to the intricate web of your jaw, from the pillars of your shoulders to the dexterity of your fingertips. journey further, uncovering the symphony of your heart, the rhythm of your lungs, and the intricate dance of your internal organs. descend even lower, down to the very foundations of your being, where your toes eagerly await their moment in the spotlight.

every inch of you pulses with life, tirelessly working with the resources bestowed upon you. as you immerse yourself in this journey of embodiment, a profound familiarity with your internal signals and sensations begins to take shape. through this intimate connection, a newfound understanding of who you truly are emerges.

embrace this voyage of self-discovery, and watch as the world around you transforms. within the depths of your own being lies the key to unlocking your potential, to unleashing the true essence of who you are. so, cast aside the distractions, silence the noise, and embark on this exhilarating expedition within yourself.


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  • towel
  • swimsuit
  • water bottle
  • yoga mat (optional)
  • change of dry clothes
  • no smoking. we are a clean air space, which means keep that dirty smoke out of here
  • no parking on the grass or on the side street (asylum street)
  • throw all trash away (recipticle on sidewalk)
  • noise down at 9pm. quiet time at 10pm.
  • dogs are welcome (must remain on a leash)
  • games are permitted (frisbee, soccer, football, etc.)
  • ONLY TubClub™️ team members can mess with the fire (starting + extinguishing and/or adding logs to the fire)
  • towels and bags can be hung on the fence
  • TubClub™️ is not responsible for left, lost or stolen items
  • HAVE FUN! ☺️

Event Details

Date: August 02, 2023

Start time: 06:30 p.m. EDT

End time: 09:00 p.m. EDT

Venue: Waisenhaus Park, 2000 Rockledge Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212

Coordinates: 40.466782,-79.98982

Directions: Located in Spring Hill, Pittsburgh. Parking is available on Rockledge Street. Please do not park on the grass or side street (Asylum Street).

Email: info@pittsburghtub.club