TubClub³ : dive deep



what compels people to test themselves to the extreme? to go deep into the dark, for no apparent reward other than knowing they did it? this session includes 3 rounds of holotropic breathwork followed by cold plunges. bonfire and jamaican food to follow. get ready to explore the depths of your inner self in this session!

FOCUS : dive deep

freedivers go to incredible depths, they do incredible distances underwater, they hold their breath for seemingly inhuman amounts of time, but freediving is a very peaceful and relaxing sport. if you watch freedivers before they go under, it’s about deep breathing. it’s about getting into a calm mental state and staying calm throughout the dive. and it’s a very introspective sport, the divers have to shut out the outside world. it’s a sport of two extremes – you go to extreme depths but you also have to go deep into yourself to do it.

just like freediving, cold plunges require heavy introspection and calm throughout to master the practice. with an enhanced focus on finding your zone and complete awareness of breath, you can then begin to unlock the deepest and darkest corners of your world.


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  • towel
  • swimsuit
  • water bottle
  • yoga mat (optional)
  • change of dry clothes
  • no smoking. We are a clean air space, which means keep that dirty smoke out of here
  • no parking on the grass or on the side street (asylum street)
  • throw all trash away (recipticle on sidewalk)
  • noise down at 9pm. quiet time at 10pm.
  • dogs are welcome (must remain on a leash)
  • games are permitted (frisbee, soccer, football, etc.)
  • ONLY TubClub™️ team members can mess with the fire (starting + extinguishing and/or adding logs to the fire)
  • towels and bags can be hung on the fence
  • TubClub™️ is not responsible for left, lost or stolen items
  • HAVE FUN! ☺️

Event Details

Date: July 12, 2023

Start time: 06:30 p.m. EDT

End time: 09:00 p.m. EDT

Venue: Waisenhaus Park, 2000 Rockledge Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212

Coordinates: 40.466782,-79.98982

Directions: Located in Spring Hill, Pittsburgh. Parking is available on Rockledge Street. Please do not park on the grass or side street (Asylum Street).

Email: info@pittsburghtub.club