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I Am The Ruler Of My Own Land

we all have the potential to be the kings and queens of our own domains, the creators of our worlds. like true rulers, we must bear the weight of responsibility, making benevolent and wise decisions for the greater good, demanding discernment, empathy, and a commitment to growth.

FOCUS : kings & queens

life constantly presents us with difficult choices, challenges, and obstacles. how we face and navigate these challenges defines our character and our ability to rule our own lives. the mark of a true king or queen lies in their capacity to make tough decisions while keeping the well-being of their subjects in mind. similarly, in our personal lives, we must consider the consequences of our actions and decisions on those we care about, and on the world at large.

we need to cultivate strength and fortitude to rule effectively. we must strengthen our own bodies and minds. self-mastery is an ongoing journey, much like the lifelong commitment of a sovereign. ice baths and breathwork can help us push our boundaries, conquer our fears, and tap into hidden reservoirs of inner strength.

by combining these practices with the commitment to make kind and keen decisions in our personal lives, we can create the ultimate empire within ourselves. this inner empire is a realm of self-control, self-awareness, and self-improvement.

remember: true royalty is not about the crown on your head but the character in your heart, and by cultivating your inner empire, you become a beacon of light and inspiration to those around you.


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  • TubClub™️ event pass
  • towel
  • swimsuit
  • water bottle
  • yoga mat (optional)
  • change of dry clothes
  • no smoking. we are a clean air space, which means keep that dirty smoke out of here
  • no minors. only individuals over 18+ are permitted to attend and participate in events
  • dogs are welcome (must remain on a leash)
  • throw all trash away (recipticle on sidewalk)
  • noise down at 9pm. quiet time at 10pm.
  • street parking available (park wherever you’d like)
  • ONLY TubClub™️ team members can mess with the fire (starting + extinguishing and/or adding logs to the fire)
  • TubClub™️ is not responsible for left, lost or stolen items
  • HAVE FUN! ☺️

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Pass Options

Ice Bath Only, Ice Bath + Sauna Access

Event Details

Date: November 29, 2023

Start time: 06:30 p.m. EDT

End time: 09:00 p.m. EDT

Venue: Brady Memorial Home, 1151 South Side Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212

Coordinates: 40.4698674,-79.9948209

Directions: Located in Spring Hill, Pittsburgh. Parking is available on Romanhoff Street.

Email: info@pittsburghtub.club