TubClub¹³ : be of service


Selfishly Selfless

in the intricate symphony of life, two powerful notes resonate: the melody of self-improvement and the harmony of extending help to others. the wisdom of jim rohn echoes: “i’ll take care of me for you, if you take care of you for me.”

FOCUS : be of service

in a world sometimes divided, remember the strength in unity. the adage “selfishly selfless” urges you to give abundantly while nurturing your own growth. your actions, like a star’s light, reverberate through existence, fostering positivity.

TubClub™️, a testament to connection, provides a platform that unveils the magic of conversation. each dialogue plants seeds of inspiration, nurturing collaboration and shared success. remember, the journey of life lies beyond your comfort zone. it’s here that you unveil your limitless potential, contributing to a tapestry larger than yourself.

in the art of breathwork, find the gateway to empowerment. each deliberate inhale infuses you with vitality, while each exhale releases doubts. through the cadence of your breath, recognize your inner strength—the force that propels you forward.

imagine the chill of cold exposure as a metaphor for life’s challenges. just as you embrace the cold’s invigorating embrace, embrace life’s uncertainties. your resilience grows as you brave discomfort, sharpening your ability to navigate adversity with unwavering courage.

thus, journey forth, embrace your role in this interconnected world, where compassion and self-improvement intertwine. your commitment to growth and extending a hand transforms lives, leaving an indelible mark. find solace in knowing you’re a catalyst for positive change, an inspiration to all you encounter.


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  • towel
  • swimsuit
  • water bottle
  • yoga mat (optional)
  • change of dry clothes
  • no smoking. we are a clean air space, which means keep that dirty smoke out of here
  • street parking available (park wherever you’d like)
  • throw all trash away (recipticle on sidewalk)
  • noise down at 9pm. quiet time at 10pm.
  • dogs are welcome (must remain on a leash)
  • games are permitted (frisbee, soccer, football, etc.)
  • ONLY TubClub™️ team members can mess with the fire (starting + extinguishing and/or adding logs to the fire)
  • towels and bags can be hung on the fence
  • TubClub™️ is not responsible for left, lost or stolen items
  • HAVE FUN! ☺️

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Pass Options

Ice Bath Only, Ice Bath + Sauna Upgrade

Event Details

Date: September 20, 2023

Start time: 06:30 p.m. EDT

End time: 09:00 p.m. EDT

Venue: Brady Memorial Home, 1151 South Side Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212

Coordinates: 40.4698674,-79.9948209

Directions: Located in Spring Hill, Pittsburgh. Parking is available on Romanhoff Street.

Email: info@pittsburghtub.club