TubClub¹² : momentum


Ignite Your Inner Impetus

in a world teeming with opportunities, taking that first step can feel overwhelming. during this session we will refine the art of jumpstarting your day with tiny victories. it’s the simple act of conquering minor tasks that sets the stage for an empowering journey, propelling you towards unmatched accomplishment. with the help of such tools as breathwork and cold exposure, we will set the stage and set off the catalyst of action.

FOCUS : momentum

just as a pebble creates expanding ripples in a pond, your actions can initiate a cascade of triumphs. unveil the method to assemble your own string of achievements. by focusing on these initial, feasible tasks, you’ll witness your motivation and effectiveness surge, initiating a cycle of perpetual progress.

momentum isn’t about grand gestures or monumental leaps. it’s about recognizing the potency of those minor victories, the everyday triumphs that can become your secret weapons. we will guide you through the process of harnessing these small wins to reignite your inner drive and reshape your destiny.

join us and uncover the true potential of your routines – because when you master the art of small-scale victories, you unleash a tidal wave of unstoppable momentum.


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  • towel
  • swimsuit
  • water bottle
  • yoga mat (optional)
  • change of dry clothes
  • no smoking. we are a clean air space, which means keep that dirty smoke out of here
  • street parking available (park wherever you’d like)
  • throw all trash away (recipticle on sidewalk)
  • noise down at 9pm. quiet time at 10pm.
  • dogs are welcome (must remain on a leash)
  • games are permitted (frisbee, soccer, football, etc.)
  • ONLY TubClub™️ team members can mess with the fire (starting + extinguishing and/or adding logs to the fire)
  • towels and bags can be hung on the fence
  • TubClub™️ is not responsible for left, lost or stolen items
  • HAVE FUN! ☺️

Event Details

Date: September 13, 2023

Start time: 06:30 p.m. EDT

End time: 09:00 p.m. EDT

Venue: Brady Memorial Home, 1151 South Side Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA, 15212

Coordinates: 40.4698674,-79.9948209

Directions: Located in Spring Hill, Pittsburgh. Parking is available on Romanhoff Street.

Email: info@pittsburghtub.club